When you need versatility and the ability to control room lighting and privacy, Quail and Poppy blinds are a great choice.

Windows come in so many varieties, but Quail and Poppy blinds are versatile enough to pair with all of them. Since our blinds can be vertically or horizontally oriented, they can fit well on any type of window. The slats on the blinds can be controlled through simple mechanisms, so you can easily control the light level or quickly shut the blinds completely.

Our blinds come in a variety of materials, so there are many options available to fit well into any room of your home. We also custom-make window blinds in a variety of styles, materials, and finishes. You can choose the material and style of your blinds to get something that looks traditional, contemporary, urban, or modern.

Why are Quail and Poppy blinds a good choice for YOUR home?

  • Versatility – our blinds can adapt easily to different rooms, and even work well with windows of unique orientations or sizes
  • Light Control and Privacy – our blinds can more effectively regulate the privacy and light level of any room
  • Customizability – blinds are available in a variety of materials and can be tailored to fit your needs


The finest-quality hardwood and poly shutters on the market



A wide selection of shades available in many colors, fabrics, and textures